2/8/18 - Photography provided by MXA, Brad Gerbhardt, Dylan Brown & Browndog Wilson

Oakland Supercross Recap


My hometown race! And second Supercross race of my career! I grew up going to Supercross in Norcal and it's always so much fun going to watch there because I see so many people that I grew up riding and racing with. I've looked forward to this race my entire life and it lived up to my expectations! I felt like a celebrity there. Not because I'm famous and have a lot of fans, but because I know so many people in Northern California and they all come to the same race every year for (what feels like) a big reunion!

My mechanic Avo and I, loaded up the rig and drove it north on Thursday. I was able to ride press day on Friday and it was awesome! We rode most of the track and that's when I learned just how rutted it was going to be! The dirt was hard and dry on top, but as soon as we started riding, we broke through the top layer and found soft dirt underneath! Friday was great for me to learn the track and also great for exposure! I did an interview with ABC7 News and it played on TV at least three times! My mom found it on the five and six o'clock news and someone told me they saw it again on Saturday morning! 

Race day started out great! I felt so good and I had the third fastest time in the 250 B practice. But things got a little sketchy in the first qualifying session! On the first lap I had a dumb little crash and blew my clutch completely off my bike! My clutch lever and perch were dangling down by my forks and it wasn't good! I quickly put the bike in neutral and ran it across the start straightaway and another lane of the track to the mechanics area. My mechanic Avo is a savage and can fix anything, but I stripped out the bolt when I crashed and all we had were zip ties to get it back on! I was asking for duct tape but he didn't have that haha.... So we remounted the clutch with three zip ties and I set off to try and salvage some sort of lap time! My lever was going all over the place, but mostly it just stayed straight down. I still managed to get a couple laps in with no clutch and qualify 13th in the B practice, and I thought was pretty funny for how sketchy and slow I felt! Luckily my riding coach Nathan Ramsey has me do laps with no clutch sometimes because it's definitely tough not to use it on a rutted SX track! The third qualifying session was better. The track was tougher but with the clutch lever back in place I was able to get a decent time. I qualified 31st and that gave me 16th gate pick for the Heat race.


I had a lot of fun visiting with friends (and a few fans) before the night show! One of our family friends cooked about 30 hamburgers and they were a huge hit. My rig was packed and it was a lot of fun! One of the highlights of the day was letting two little kids take a photo on my bike! The boy in the photo was so pumped to sit on it and he said that it felt fast!

The intermission went by quickly and it was back to business for the night show. I had a great start from the outside in my Heat race! I made some good moves through the first turn and I came out of the second turn in 9th! It was going well until halfway into the first lap I made a big mistake coming and went back to 13th. That really hurt me, but I kept charging. A few guys went down and I battled back to 10th right behind Phil Nicoletti for the transfer spot to get into the main event. I was close but didn't have the speed to get around him and I missed the main by one spot... 


I had one more chance to make the main and the pressure was on! My family had two suites packed with friends and they were all so stoked to see me race! All day I was talking to people about making the main event and everyone was wishing me the best of luck. After being so close in the heat I was frustrated and I was going to give it everything I had in the Last Chance Qualifier.

I had an amazing jump off the gate! I came into the first turn side by side with 3 other guys. I had one guy to my inside and two on the outside, I got pushed out and at the same time I made sure to push the other two guys out with me. Another two riders dove underneath us and I came out of the second turn in 4th. In the first rhythm section after the whoops a rider made a mistake right in front of me and I had to roll a double. I got passed and was now in 5th. Then on lap two I had a great run up the inside of the whoops and made an awesome block pass to get back into qualifying position! Then two corners later I was on the receiving end of a block pass and I had to double the triple and another rider got by me. I went from 5th to 4th to 6th in two corners! It was intense and it was all on TV! Then on lap three I had the guy lined up to make another pass on him and I got a little too excited!  I missed one of the whoops with my front wheel and had a big crash... The cameras were on me at this time and all of the carnage was shown live on TV! Luckily I was ok from the crash, but later I found out that Brad Taft crashed at the same time that I did and if I would've stayed on two wheels and completed the pass I was going for, I would've qualified for my first ever main event! But I can't be too mad, I was giving it my all and going for it!

That was the end of my night in Oakland. It was a big crash and I was luckily to walk away from it 100% healthy! I went back to the bike right away to finish the race but it was mangled and was no longer rideable. 

Overall it was a fun weekend! I was bummed to miss the main, but I had some great moments throughout the day and my friends and family were proud! That made it a lot easier to stay in good spirits! It was so cool to finally race in Oakland. The track was tough but I didn't feel out of place. I know I belong at Supercross and I'm excited to do my very best this weekend in San Diego! 

Thank you for reading! Be sure to check out the slide show of photos below from my pit area in Oakland!

God Bless

Josh Mosiman #71

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