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Salt Lake City Supercross

That's two in a row, I made another main event! Salt lake consisted of racing during the afternoon, tough whoops, rocky/dusty dirt and high elevation! I’m not sure what to think about racing during the day. I grew up watching Supercross in the evening and under the lights, so it's a little weird to be racing in the stadium when it's still sunny out.

The first practice in the morning was very slick and muddy. The dirt in Utah is known to dry out, so the track crew made sure to over water it, in hopes that it would keep some moisture throughout the day. Luckily since I was in the main event in Seattle, I was placed into the A practice for SLC. The B practice guys got the worst end of the stick by having to break in the muddy track. 

Practice started slow for me, the elevation effected the bike way more than I expected! The bike was slower and I was struggling to figure out what gear I needed to use for each section. We should’ve changed the gearing before practice even started, but I waited until the last qualifying session to put a bigger sprocket on the rear. This helped a lot and now I'll know what to do ahead of time next year! I found a flow in the final session and qualified 22nd. 

In the heat race I lined up on the very inside of the gate and it worked well! The start was short and it led right into a long rhythm section. Everyone bunched up on the inside and I banged bars in the first turn. The first lap was carnage! The track was greasy again after they watered and groomed it. I hit a slick spot on the inside of the third corner and I stuck my leg out to save myself. It felt like I was doing the splits and at that moment I was very thankful for my long legs! I was running 9th after the first lap and I needed to stay in the top 9 to transfer directly to the main event. But I made a couple mistakes and a rider got by me. Now I was 10th, just outside of qualifying. I started gaining ground on 9th and I noticed I was catching the guys in front of me in the whoops each lap. I was hopping to make a pass there, but unfortunately I got a little sketchy coming out of the first whoop section and ended up crashing in the corner. I finished 10th in the heat and I had to try again in the LCQ...

The high elevation made breathing harder than usual and the technical track with back to back whoops also added to the fact that it was hard to breathe. I had first gate pick for the LCQ and I picked the fifth gate from the inside. It had a good rut in front of it and it was a straight shot to the inside of the first turn. My start was decent I came around the first turn about 6th or 7th and I made some passes and dodged some crashes to get myself into third on the first lap! The leader crashed in the whoops and I just barely missed clipping his bike. Then two corners later another rider fell right in front of me and I did everything I could to miss his bike and keep going! Both of the wrecks were played back in slow-mo on TV and they showed me using my catlike reflexes to avoid them.  

The rest of the LCQ went smooth, I went on to finish second and I got a ton of TV time! The camera followed me quite a bit and I'm glad it did because FOX Sports announced that the live broadcast scored 836,000 views! This is the most views ever for a race on any FOX network. It was super cool to get some love from the TV cameras this weekend and it was really cool that my sponsors, friends and family were able to see me ride on live TV right from their living room couches!  

I had 19 minutes from the time I got back from the LCQ until I had to be on the track for the 250 main event sight lap. I got a quick drink of water, Averi checked some things on the bike and we were on our way! The main event was gnarly, it was dusty and hard to see for the first few laps! The whoops were super sketchy and the track was hard packed and rocky. I didn't mind the conditions too much because I practice on those conditions a lot here in Southern California. I finished 19th and that was a wrap for racing in Salt Lake City!

Beyond the racing side of things we had a great presence in pits this weekend! Our set up was looking clean and the bike was fresh with new Acerbis plastics and a yellow ProTaper bar pad! We had a great parking spot located right across from the Geico Honda rig and there were a lot of people coming by asking questions and looking for autographs. I was able to meet some new people and give away some old plastics to a few young fans! I really enjoy meeting people at the races and talking to them about different things. It really helps me to talk to fans about the track and hear their opinion on it! Most of the time they are giving me props for riding such a tough track and that always boosts my confidence and makes me want to do even better. When I meet new people it reminds me of why I'm at the races and encourages me to keep pushing even though it's not easy!

I have lots of room for improvement, but I'm happy to have made another main event. I'm looking forward to the final Supercross race of the season this Saturday in Vegas where I'll have a chance to race against my brother for the first time in awhile in the 250 East and West shootout! 

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support!  

Glory to God!

Josh Mosiman #71

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