3/7/18 - Photography provided by Panic Rev

Dallas, Tampa & Atlanta Supercross

After San Diego the 250 West series was set to take a long break! I was looking forward to riding some outdoors on my 450 during that time, but I was pretty bummed that I didn't have a chance to redeem myself and go racing that Saturday night. I felt awesome the week leading up to San Diego and I was having a lot of fun and feeling really good in my training at the practice tracks and in the gym.

Monday night before I went to bed, my Dad texted me asking if I thought we should go to Dallas that weekend and race my 250 in the 450 class. I thought it was a cool idea but I was nervous and I figured there would be no way that my mechanic would want to go! My mechanic, Averi and I had been racing for the last 6 weeks in a row and this was going to be our first weekend off. Averi had just drove my motorhome from California to Ohio then to Massachusetts, then Pennsylvania, then Phoenix, Oakland and San Diego. I thought forsure he would want to stay home for a few weeks and relax, but apparently my Dad had already talked to him Monday evening and warmed him up to the idea. So when he walked up  



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Josh Mosiman #71

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