4/1018 - Photography provided by MXA, Trevor Nelson and others

Seattle Supercross


It rained, it was muddy AND WE MADE THE MAIN!!! I am so stoked to finally cross that off the to-do list!!!  

All week leading up to Seattle Supercross the whole industry was preparing for lots and lots of rain! Riders were preparing mentally, mechanics were preparing the bikes for mud, the Dirt Wurx crew covered the track with tarps and everyone was buying ponchos and umbrellas! Everyone was asking me how I felt about the mud and I was excited! Unfortunately, I couldn't do any practice in the mud because it was sunny and 75 in California and the whoops at milestone were dry and blue groove...(which is the opposite of muddy)

Even though I knew it rained a lot during the week, I still didn't know how bad the track would be until I was actually riding the track in the first practice. I was confident in my mud riding from my last experience racing in the rain at Unadilla where I ran 10th in the 450 class for most of the race. Because of my previous success in the mud, I wanted it to be the muddy and gnarly! But I still didn't know what the track would actually be like. I've never ridden a muddy Supercross and you don't see them too often! Usually the Dirt Wurx crew does such a good job of keeping the track dry and adding lime and other chemicals to dry it out. Usually if it rains leading up to the race it turns into a rutted gnarly track, but rarely do we see a mudder like Seattle 2018!  

There were a lot of questions leading up to the first practice; how bad will it be? Do you like mud? Do you think we'll be able to jump the triples? And all of the questions were answered in the first practice! I was the 6th rider onto the track and it was so soft and muddy that we could barely jump anything. But the guys at the front of the practice were sending it because we knew the first laps would be the best! The schedule was modified and there was only one qualifying session and no practices or sight laps to see the track before hand. I wasn't able to be the first guy on the track and that hurt my time a little. It seemed like the first guy on the track had the fastest time and I was the 6th guy on the track so I had the 6th fastest time. The track just broke down and got so rutted, so quickly that everyone's fastest time came from the first lap and there was no getting faster after that!


I qualified 6th in the 250 B practice and that gave me 12th overall, my best qualifying time so far in my Pro Career! It was cool to qualify well and this helped my gate pick for the Heat race! 

The heat race was crazy.... I started off well! I was in 10th after the start and then I crashed in the second rhythm section and fell to 16th! I was bummed, but I kept charging and passed up to 11th before going down again, this time in the whoops. Now I was 13th place and I thought it was over forsure! I was so frustrated and I just wanted to quit! But I kept charging and made a lot of passes! I was going for it and on lap 4 my mechanic showed me on the pit board that I was in 9th and by the next lap I was up to 7th! I held on for 7th place and qualified for my first main event! I was stoked. I was very surprised that I was able to come back after two crashes and Avo and I were happy that I didn't have to ride the LCQ! 


The main event started off great!! I was 12th on the first lap and I was surviving the track! I fell back to 14th and ran there until I had a small tip over on lap 5. I picked my bike up right away and nobody had passed me yet! But my bike wouldn't start... I was trying to start it in gear and it wouldn't kick over with the electric start. It was tough to get the bike in neutral when my boot and the shift lever were covered in mud. Not to mention my transmission is built so that it's hard to get into neutral for safety reasons. Finally after sitting there for 25 seconds I got the bike running and by then I was back to 19th. I ran 19th for the next two laps until I ran into a stalled rider right before the finish line and stalled my bike again. This time my bike wouldn't start and I had to push it off the track with the help of three track workers! That was the end of my race and because I couldn't cross the finish line I ended the race two laps down in 21st place. It was a bummer! I wish the bike would've started quicker when I crashed the first time and I wish I wouldn't have ran into the stalled rider, but that's racing!  

Overall it was a crazy race. I felt like such a goon! That was by far the hardest track I've ever ridden! It rained a lot throughout the week and a little bit on race day. But because it didn't pour down super hard on Saturday, it wasn't a sloppy mud like Unadilla last year, it was more of a soft, sticky mud that stuck to everything! This made the track extra rutted and they were hard ruts that stayed in place! This made it really tough to ride and if you watched on TV you could see that! In the end I'm stoked to say that I was apart of this crazy race and finally be in the main event! I'm looking forward to hopefully better weather and another main event in Salt Lake!

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support!  

Glory to God!

Josh Mosiman #71

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